Photographs by Erin Albrecht

Erin Albrecht took these photographs of me as part of a series she was working on with Billy Schultz on what I guess you could call composure and then overexertion cause I don’t know what they wound up calling it, ironically these are part of the composed shots. erin_3 Billy wound up training me later for the exertion part, he ran me around the neighborhood so I would schvitz and then gave me physical obstacles to overcome during the shoot to make me look spent, as in freshly fucked and nearly dead, both. He’s a performer and has been trained as a clown (in the sort avant-garde sense of clownhood, whatever the fuck that means these days) but he really could have moonlit as an Abu Ghraib torturer, I mean he had me destroying myself, performing twelve sets of kegels for a count of sixty, both navel and anal simultaneously! But seriously, Erin really is a just an exceptionally talented photographer. Check her pastiche of photos out at, which was featured on Vice a while ago, but I’m too lazy to find the link. erin_1 I would say more for the record because I am promising myself I’m gonna try to be as honest and unaffected as I can be on here cause what the fuck else is the point, but I’ve found that Erin has a hard time stomaching my version of honesty so I’ll leave the post at that. .