You’ve Got the Right Moron

I hate when people say “if you read one thing today, read this.” Who reads just one thing a day, even if you’re a moron? There are menus, sale prices, dosage instructions to ignore, we’re on the computer all fuckin day, there’s the foggy, splooge-covered text to consider, describing what Cassie does in her spare time when not fingering herself in her nursing uniform, cereal boxes, there are detours, ambiguous facial expressions, traffic signals, bogus superdelegate precounts, cat shit textures, swollen lymph nodes, we’re reading all day long, trying to tease or wrest out meaning. Hence, if you ignore one thing today, it should be the most egregious form of a  deceptive premise.



Photograph by Luz Gullardo. From Performa several years ago. I got reemed for this performance by the curator, and I should have used the vaseline to self-soothe.