Laughably Outdated Press & CV


Performance CV as a pdf: Dina_Seiden_Performance_CV


Jillian Stinhauer, “Galleries Offer a Jew’s Who of the Contemporary Art World,” Forward, July 24, 2013:

“The show at Zach Feuer also contains a healthy dose of humor, the element mostly missing at Untitled. Video contributions by Tamy Ben-Tor and Dina Seiden are unsettlingly funny and strange, while Jamie Sneider riffs on the classic bikini…”

Susan Jennings, “Snowflakes, Auroras and Facebook Friends: Bookmarked…,”, February 13, 2013:

“In our regular BOOKMARKED column, artists, critics, collectors et al. share and comment on their favorite blogs and art-related or -inspiring sites….Facebook!  Everyone’s Facebook experience is dictated by the “friends” they manage to collect. From activists to artists to critics to writers to eccentrics… Jenny Pope (photoactivist), Jerry Saltz (art critic), Damien Crisp (artist/writer/ activist), Baratunde Thurston (writer), Dina Seiden (writer/performance artist), Oliver Wascow (artist), Simon Beck (snow artist).”

Michael H. Miller, “Marianne Vitale Has Been Burning Bridges (Also Riddling Sculptures with Bullet Holes),” The New York Observer, January 17, 2012:

Ask any number of people in the art world about Ms. Vitale and they will tell you stories from one of her dinner parties at her place on Delancey… ‘There was one,’ Michael Portnoy said, ‘where Anthony Haden-Guest was reading some limericks in front of everyone. Our friend [the comedian and artist] Dina Seiden, she was kind of erotically engaging his …’ A pause. ‘… Face. With a bunch of Christmas lights. That was pretty good.’”

Ken Johnson, “Two Performa Events Invite One Big Question,” The New York Times, November 11, 2011:

At “Performa Ha!,” which took place in the midtown Manhattan theater HA! Comedy Club NYC, I wondered, what is the difference between smart and inventive comedy and comic performance art…Dina Seiden did a long, disjointed monologue in the role of a woman evidently steeped in contemporary theory and obsessed with sexual issues. She seemed as if she were having a nervous breakdown on stage. She was at times extremely, ridiculously dramatic, sometimes shouting and writhing around on stage.

Benjamin Sutton, “Performa 11: At Performa Ha!, Intentionally Funny Performance Art,” The L Magazine, November 14, 2011:

“…a hysterically disgusting account of watching a teenage boy humping his octogenarian grandmother, was full of unpleasantly evocative physical descriptions and analogies: a flaccid penis was likened to the grandmother’s Matzo balls; a concealed erection was like a Burmese political prisoner pressing against the bars of his jail cell. Seiden’s story was as hilarious as it was gross… [a] subversion of erotic epistolary.”

Lindsay Harris,  “Performa Ha! – A Night of Conceptual Stand-up Comedy – Review,” Performa Magazine, November 9, 2011:

“They said it was comedy,” New York-based comedian Dina Seiden repeated into the microphone as she took the stage Sunday night at the HA! Comedy Club. The first night of Performa Ha!, curated by Mark Beasley featuring Reggie Watts, Dina Seiden, Bedwyr Williams and Lumberob, proved to be a night of… conceptually-oriented stand-up, both funny and weird. As Seiden continued her act, it become clear that she had latched onto the audience’s attention and refused to let go. Half the intrigue of her euphemism-riddled sexual performance was simply following her train of thought as she weaved in and out, repositioning herself around a background in pornography and a bizarre mother/daughter narrative.”

Karen Archey, “Kunstverein Launches Drug Store Calendar Knock-off at Printed Matter,” Artinfo, Feburary 25, 2011

“’Bargain Ho: A Personal Account of Bargain Hunting and Pathological Hoarding’ at Pete’s Candy Store,” Time Out New York, City Picks: Own This City, April 5, 2010

Elizabeth Bougerol, “Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace, History of the Vocider…and one woman’s love of the thrill of the bargain-hunt,” NBC New York, Around Town, April 4, 2010

Benjamin Sutton, “Biennialist Marianne Vitale Leads a Fishy Mutiny on the LES,” The L Magazine, March 29, 2010:

“On deck, Portnoy and Gambini were joined by…Dina Seiden, the ship’s fed-up sex object. The performance’s first section centered around her hilarious, harrowing story of having to compete for sexual supremacy with the sailors’ preferred partners: a particular variety of skate whose insides are so vagina-like that in their minds the fish has become more desirable than an actual woman, forcing Seiden’s character to make her genitals more skate-like. Thereafter Seiden’s tragic character crawled across the ship’s deck, playing with a huge, formless fish carcass and trying to use various objects to get off…”

Patrick Meagher, “The Marianne Vitale Experience at White Slab Palace, Saturday, March 28th, New York,” Art Observed, March 31, 2010

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