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New Dixon Place Show

It’s a while away, but I have a new show at Dixon Place on June 18, 2012 and 7:30, and this one is going to likely blow your mind and other perishables if the material-in-progress is any indication. I’ll put a link up for purchasing tickets once there is one. $12 in advance, and $10 for students, seniors and maybe certified derelicts with proof. Honestly, this is the one, if you’ve been fence-sitting or just panicked.

Two Ply Becomes Electra, my three minute horror/infomercial/clinical trial abstract mash-up, will be screening at the cinema space at UKS Gallery in Oslo, from February 17-March 25 as part of a video series curated by Marianne Vitale, whose conceptually capacious, poetic, and visually arresting sculptures will be exhibited in the main gallery. Music by JG Thirlwell, of all brilliant maniacs, Visuals and Projections by Spencer Bewley, of all freakish and glorious imps, and edited by John Kim, the spiked, secret sauce. Three insanely appealing and pioneering geniuses. Other wide-on begetting artists who contributed videos in the series include Mark Beasley, Todd Colby, Pete Drungle, Elka Krajewska, Michael Portnoy, Hennesy Youngman, and lord knows who else. I’m so lucky to be in the company of these giants in [and above and under] the earth.

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